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Gavin McInnes: Trump Is a Snowplow Who Will Move Out and 'BOOM! Ted Cruz, President!"

Appearing on The Greg Gutfeld Show Sunday night, Gavin McInnes made a bold prediction about GOP candidates Donald Trump and Ted Cruz.

But first, he explained the reason Trump is so popular. McInnes said, “He’s proud to be an American. He’s sick of pretending that illegals are wonderful people. And that’s a good thing because it’s sort of rattling modern America and getting non-voters out to the polls.”

But he said that Trump will eventually move out to make way for the eventual Republican nominee — and future POTUS:

“Now don’t be scared,” McInnes said. “[Trump’s] not going to actually become the president. He’s a snowplow that’s paving the way. And at the last second he moves and out BOOM — Ted Cruz, president of the United States.