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Dearborn, MI Considers Controversial Smoking Ban

Dearborn, Michigan is looking to ban smoking in it’s public parks..for health concerns. There is about a dozen municipalities that have banned smoking in public places throughout the state of Michigan.

The local government and residents are debating on the degree to which there should be a ban. Should it be partial, total? Should there be some smoking areas? (I mean really, they can’t make a smoking section? Sheesh.)

“This ordinance is based on public health concerns,” council nanny-President Susan Dabaja said at a recent meeting. “I’m definitely in favor of not having smoke around our children.”

Dabaja added though that “I was hoping we could compromise and designate an area for people who would like to smoke. … Unfortunately, we weren’t able to reach something we could agree on.”

But Dearborn has a large Arab-American population who will be affected by the ban.

“The ban would apply to all forms of smoking: cigarettes, cigars and hookahs, which are popular in Dearborn because of its sizable Arab-American population.”

The Arab-American community is divided. “Some Arab Americans oppose the ban, saying it appears to target Arab Americans smoking hookahs in parks, but other Arab Americans support it.”

“Although at the surface this ban may seem that it’s targeting Arab Americans, it’s not at all,” said Dearborn resident Majed Moughni. “The smoking bans have been enacted all across America. It’s good for our children and it’s the right thing to do. I support the smoking ban and hope our city council will as well.”

The Dearborn City Council will vote at the end of the month.