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Pelosi: Elizabeth Warren Doesn't Speak for Party

Family feud.

Nancy Pelosi is firing back at criticism from Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren and other liberals in the Democratic Party that President Barack Obama’s administration has been too soft on Wall Street.

“There may have been a couple of people who say that, but that is not the consensus in our party,” the House minority leader said in an interview with CNBC’s John Harwood published Wednesday. “The financial industry doesn’t agree with that,” she noted.

Honestly, no one will ever be tough enough to meet Sen. Warren’s standards. She’s a progressive commie, after all.

This is really about party leadership circling the wagons for Mrs. Bill. While it is true that the Democrats have made big public stinks about the evils of Wall Street, there is still quite a bit of chumminess there, especially when it comes to Hillary. The progressive wing of the Democratic Party is far more enthusiastic than the automatons who will go through the motions to vote for Hillary. Establishment Dems still fear the progressive outliers, as evidenced by the Mrs. Clinton’s populist kabuki theater performances of late.

What Pelosi is doing here is subtly reminding the much-needed big money Wall Street donors that Elizabeth Warren and her ilk may do more than just pay lip service to battling them. Should one of Hillary’s nine or ten thousand legal improprieties finally catch up to her and her campaign stumble, the establishment wants to make sure that money doesn’t reflexively flow to Warren if she is the “historic” choice to be the first female president.