Walker Will Announce 'Intentions' Week of July 13th

Will he or won’t he?!?!?

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker said on Thursday he will announce the week of July 13 whether he will seek the Republican U.S. presidential nomination in 2016.

“The week of the 13th is when we will be likely to make our announcement as to what our intentions are,” Scott told Fox News.

Walker is in second place among the large field of Republican presidential candidates and expected entrants, trailing front-runner Jeb Bush, a former Florida governor, in an average of polls compiled by RealClearPolitics.


Polling may have Walker behind Jebster, but it’s early and Jeb has had a big head start in press coverage. However, based on the number of hit pieces on Politico alone, it’s clear that the Wisconsin governor scares the lefties far more than Bush 3.0 does. All he’s done is electorally abuse them for four years, after all.

Walker should be the last candidate who isn’t from the polling fringes to enter the race, as Chris Christie is expected to jump in next week.

Lament the size of the field all you want, but if the Republicans are going to defeat another “historic” candidate that the MSM is trying to elect, the nominee will have to be very, very battle tested.

Like Scott Walker.


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