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Hillary Loyalist McCaskill: But Don't You Guys Know How Socialist Bernie Is??

Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) expressed frustration that the media isn’t talking about just how far to the left Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) exists.

An avowed Clinton supporter, McCaskill charged on MSNBC that “the media is giving Bernie a pass right now.”

“I very rarely read in any coverage of Bernie that he’s a socialist,” she added of her Senate colleague.

“I think everybody wants a fight and I think they are not really giving the same scrutiny to Bernie Sanders that they’re giving certainly to Hillary Clinton and the other candidates. She’s gonna win this as soon as I think they begin treating him like a serious candidate instead of ‘oh my gosh, it’s so great we’ve got a fight in the Democratic Party!'”

“Any other candidate that had the numbers that Hillary Clinton has right now would be talked about as absolutely untouchable, and all of a sudden ‘oh, Bernie, Bernie, Bernie!'” McCaskill continued. “I think Bernie is too liberal to gather enough votes in this country to become president. And I think Hillary Clinton is going to be a fantastic president.”

Sanders got to fire back later on Bloomberg. “I find it surprising that she says the media doesn’t refer to me as a socialist — there’s no article I’ve seen that doesn’t refer to me as a democratic socialist.”

“To my knowledge this is the first time a colleague has attacked me; you’ll have to ask Sen. McCaskill why.”

This could be why: Sanders is gaining on Clinton in both New Hampshire and Iowa.