According to WH Visitor Log, Race Agitator Deray McKesson Visited the White House Three Times in 2011

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DeRay McKesson, the professional agitator who shows up to fan the flames wherever there are racial tensions involving the police, visited the White House three times in 2011 — twice in February of that year, and once in August.


According to the Washington Post’s database (taken from the WH vistors logs), two of the visits appear to have been to the White House Visitor Office. The February 13 visit —  if WaPo’s tool is correct — was to the Old Executive Office Building where McKesson met with Zachary Russem.


The Washington Post notes that “the data can be messy.”

You may find weird glitches and we can’t verify that the data is complete.

Zachary Russem is currently the vice president of Goldman Sachs. In 2011, according to his LinkedIn profile, he worked in the Office of the Vice President and Office of the Secretary as a policy analyst. He was the regional field director for Obama for America from June 2007 – November 2008.

So the public face of “Black Lives Matter” met in February of 2011 with a White House policy analyst who later became the vice president of Goldman Sachs? Fascinating.
Deray McKesson is a divisive community organizer right out of the Alinsky school.
“[The community organizer] must first rub raw the resentments of the people; fan the latent hostilities to the point of overt expression. He must search out controversy and issues, rather than avoid them, for unless there is controversy people are not concerned enough to act…. [His function is] to agitate to the point of conflict [and] singl[e] out [precisely who is to blame for the] particular evil [that is the source of the people’s angst]…. Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it…. [T]here is no point to tactics unless one has a target upon which to center the attacks.”
As Michelle Malkin noted in the New York Post, “he fanned the flames over the bogus ‘NAACP bombing’ in Colorado Springs. This week, McKesson scurried to McKinney, Texas, along with the Nation of Islam, New Black Panther Party and assorted rent-a-mob professionals, to turn a pool-party fight into an international incident.”
According to Malkin, McKesson is linked to Teach For America, a massive non-profit group that is hard to distinguish from Organizing for Action (President Obama’s partisan community organizing army).
“Between 2000 and 2013,” researchers at the National Educational Policy Center reported, “TFA’s yearly operating expenditures increased 1,930 percent — from $10 million to $193.5 million. Of those expenditures, TFA annual reports show that about a third of operating costs are borne by the public.”
Individual TFA chapters have raked in millions in federal AmeriCorps grants, supported by leaders in both political parties.

Deray McKesson, described by TFA as a “protestor,” is a finalist for the organization’s $10,000 Peter Jennings Award for Civic Leadership, which will be announced next month. He briefly taught sixth-grade math for the program before graduating to full-time racial rabble-rousing.

A gushing New York Times reporter credited McKesson and his social-justice-warrior partners with building “the most formidable American protest movement of the 21st century to date.”

 Ian Tuttle at National Review aptly described McKesson’s Twitter feed  as “an African-American-studies course condensed into 140-character maxims” where “whiteness” is the bete noire.

What is “whiteness,” exactly? It’s not a person or a particular set of persons as much as an omnipotent, omnipresent force, the IT responsible for every slight and snub and perceived oppression since the Pilgrims landed in Plymouth

Of course, the problem with viewing the world, as McKesson does, in the quasi-Marxist terms of comprehensive “forces” and “structures” is that you end up bending the truth to fit your explanatory fictions.

Needless to say, that is not likely to create “community,” McKesson’s protestations to the contrary. But, of course, his purposes are best served if it doesn’t. “Black Lives Matter” was never a “movement,” except in the literal sense. Like Occupy, it’s an itinerant band of professional protesters who display their devotion to the cause by going wherever grievances are ripe for exploitation. Their purpose persists only as long as such tensions do. They’re the Deadheads of racial grievance, and McKesson is their id, tweeting and snapchatting and instagramming his self-righteous aphorisms, continually reassuring 164,000 Twitter followers that things are far worse than they ever thought.

As Tuttle notes, “McKesson does not see the world in black and white; he sees it in black versus white.”
Maybe it’s not surprising that such a person would be a huge fan of the “Divider in Chief,” touring the White House three times in one year.
But if the Washington Post’s records are correct, he met with a White House policy analyst, too — and that’s a little weird.





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