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Seven Days from Deadline, Ayatollah Says No Nuke Deal Without Sanctions Lifted Immediately

Seven days out of the final deadline for a P5+1 nuclear agreement with Iran, the supreme leader reiterated on Twitter what Tehran has been demanding all along: all sanctions lifted immediately.


In fact, Ayatollah Khamenei had lots of opinions after meeting with President Hassan Rouhani today.



Talks are currently ongoing in Vienna. “Our expectation is that we’re going to get – if there’s an agreement to be had, that it will be the right agreement, it’ll be a good deal, and it’ll be a deal that ensures that Iran does not ever come into possession of a nuclear weapon,” State Department press secretary John Kirby told reporters Monday.

When asked about recent chants of “death to America” in Iran’s parliament, Kirby replied, “I’m not in a position to speak for every individual that might have been shouting ‘death to America.'”

“What’s more telling is less the chants or perhaps the vitriol by some hardliners and more the fact that we are sitting down with a team in Vienna and progress is being made,” he added. “…So work’s being done, and I think that’s where Secretary Kerry’s focus is and that’s where Wendy Sherman’s focus is: the work there at the table and not necessarily the chants from people in Iran.”