Boldly Going Wherever Headlines Are Making Noise, Hillary Tells Retailers to Ban Confederate Flag

She’s a brave one.

Democratic presidential contender Hillary Clinton on Tuesday urged all businesses to stop selling products with Confederate flag images, and praised Wal-Mart Stores Inc and other retailers for pulling flag-related items.

The businesses stopped selling the products after last week’s racially motivated attack on black worshippers at a church in Charleston. Leaders in South Carolina, including Governor Nikki Haley, have called for a Confederate battle flag to be removed from the State House grounds.

The flag is “a symbol of our nation’s racist past that has no place in our present or our future. It shouldn’t fly there. It shouldn’t fly anywhere,” Clinton said in Florissant, a St. Louis suburb near Ferguson, the site of violent protests last year after a young black man was killed by a white policeman.

She commended WalMart for removing products with images of the Confederate flag from its shelves. “Today, Amazon, eBay and Sears followed suit, and I urge all sellers to do the very same,” she said.


Usually a gifted waffler on any issues of substance, Mrs. Bill bravely commits herself to the ones that are noisy distractions but polling well that day. It would be safe to say that this probably had to be filtered through at least fifteen handlers before the opinion was added to the robotic front-runner’s programming. Imagine a presidency that’s almost entirely designed to react to whatever is trending at Salon that day and you will have a crystal clear vision of Clinton 3.0 in the Oval Office. After about six months of that, we will be pining for the president who was too lazy to pay attention to the news because all he wanted to do was golf.

Meanwhile, while the American political and chattering classes are busy eradicating the Dukes of Hazzard, these guys are still doing bad things.

Really bad things.

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