Any Number Can Play: 'Why Does Obama Criticize SCOTUS So Much?'

Well, gee, lemme think about that one for minute. Could it be because he’s an arrogant, inexperienced party animal of a president who was never told “no” when he was growing up and thus takes any opposition or criticism personally? The Washington Post poses the question:


President Obama seemed to relish the chance to take yet another swipe at the Supreme Court justices who were deliberating a case that could determine the fate of his landmark health-care law. “This should be an easy case,” he said earlier this month regarding the latest legal showdown over the Affordable Care Act. “Frankly, it probably shouldn’t even have been taken up.”

This time the president was taking questions from reporters at a recent summit of world leaders in Germany. The case before the court would decide whether millions of Americans who receive tax subsidies to buy health insurance on federal exchanges are doing so illegally. In his more than six years in the White House, Obama has to an unusual degree — for a serving president — offered strong opinions on how the court’s justices should decide cases central to his legacy. In a few instances, those pointed opinions have sounded a lot like outright criticism.

Obama’s willingness to plunge into the court’s business reflects his background as a constitutional law lecturer, his irritation with the legal and political wrangling surrounding the landmark health-care law and his view of the court’s role in American society.


Well, that’s one way to look at it, I suppose. Please feel free to add your thoughts and theories in the comments section.




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