The Soviet Union Never Died, It Just Moved to Florida

The end result of “liberalism” must and always will be coercive fascism:

One afternoon this past April, a Florida mom and dad I’ll call Cindy and Fred could not get home in time to let their 11-year-old son into the house. The boy didn’t have a key, so he played basketball in the yard. He was alone for 90 minutes. A neighbor called the cops, and when the parents arrived—having been delayed by traffic and rain—they were arrested for negligence.

They were put in handcuffs, strip searched, fingerprinted, and held overnight in jail. It would be a month before their sons—the 11-year-old and his 4-year-old brother—were allowed home again. Only after the eldest spoke up and begged a judge to give him back to his parents did the situation improve.


You can read all the horrendous details at the link to Reason magazine, above. At first, it seems simply unbelievable; surely, we think, it can’t happen here. But it can and does happen here: once you let the State into your lives on a daily basis, very quickly what is not forbidden is mandatory, and what is not mandatory is forbidden — backed up by the armed force of the Law.

Eventually, the couple got their kids back, but not without all sorts of strings attached.

In the meantime, to comply with all of the CPS dictates, Cindy and Fred are attending parenting classes. They are also going to therapy. The kids are attending “play” therapy.

“Therapy.” Of course they are. Because the crackpot invention of a turn-of-the-century Viennese lunatic is, you know, Science.

Cindy and Fred cannot be sure who called the cops and turned their lives upside down. (They have their suspicions.) But they do know who told them they needed to take parenting classes, get therapy, and promise never to let their kids play in their own backyard without a watchman again. They know who took their children away. And you know, too.


Is this the country you thought you lived in? Is this the country you want to live in?





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