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Obama Official Agrees with Mitt Romney

Remember that infamous moment in the 2012 presidential debate when Obama ridiculed Romney for the audacity of labeling Russia as America’s top “geopolitical foe?” Well, now that it is all too clear that the Russian reset has gone off the rails, even Obama’s own political appointees are sounding like a Romney mini-me.


Here is the bombshell that Air Force Secretary Deborah Lee James launched in front of an international audience at the Paris Air Show. “I would say,” quotes the news site Breaking Defense that, “the biggest threat on my mind [is] the activities of Russia,”

That mea culpa is likely cold comfort to Ukraine, other victims of Putin’s aggression and nervous NATO allies who fear they are on the Kremlin’s to-do list.

While the current spat with the new menace may not be a replay of the Cold War , it is past time for a serious strategy to deal with a restive Russia .

Maybe recalling the bad old days of the bad boys from Moscow isn’t such a bad idea after all.

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