Did Rachel Dolezal Fake 'Hate Crimes' as Well as Her Race?

Liberals haven’t quite figured out how they should feel about the Rachel Dolezal race controversy. Some are saying her fraud is “unforgivable” while others, like the NAACP, are far more forgiving.


But regardless of where lefties come down on the issues, one troubling aspect of the controversy is largely going unnoticed: the fact that there appears to be a very good chance that Dolezal faked the commission of hate crimes several times in her past.


A police report raises questions about reports of threatening hate mail sent to Spokane’s NAACP president. Major Crimes detectives have concluded that the mail was never processed, despite showing up in the organization’s post office box.

Rachel Dolezal, president of Spokane’s NAACP chapter, said she found an envelope containing threatening mail in the post office box on North Monroe in February. The 20 pages of notes included pictures and lynchings and words like “war pig.”

“I was immediately struck by guns pointed towards me,” Dolezal told KXLY of the pictures in February.

Spokane Police took possession of the envelope and dusted for fingerprints. Investigators then went back to the Rosewood post office where the NAACP gets its mail in a locked box.

Postal workers told detectives the envelope had not been canceled, time stamped or imprinted with the bar code that directs mail to the right destination. According to the police report, the postal inspector told detectives, “The only way this letter could have ended up in this P.O. box would be if it was placed there by someone with a key to that box or a USPS employee.”

Police then interviewed the three postal employees who put mail in post office boxes and none of them remember seeing the envelope. They all said they’ve never seen mail end up in a box without the barcode. All three said, at the very least, they would have canceled the stamps.

The detective wrote, “I have no reason to believe any of these employees were involved in putting the letters in this post office box.”


That would mean someone with a key in the NAACP office would have had to put the letters in the locked box.

But there’s much more to Dolezal’s claims of being a victim. She claims in her bio that she has been the target of hate crimes 8 times:

Dolezal told police she was especially concerned about the hateful mail she found in the organization’s P.O. box in February because of past hate crimes committed against her. Dolezal teaches classes at Eastern Washington University and, in her online bio, describes being the victim of “at least eight documented hate crimes [targeting her] and her children during her residency in North Idaho.”

KXLY4 made a public records request, which yielded three reports.

  • November 2009: employees at the Human Rights Education Institute reported finding a swastika stuck to the side of the building. Police interviewed Dolezal and dusting for fingerprints, but found no match. Security cameras which operated at the facility did not record what happened and the case was closed.
  • April 2010: Dolezal reported someone left a vulgar and threatening phone message, saying she favored the dark-skinned students in her class over the light-skinned students. Police determined it was a one-time call and they didn’t have evidence to prosecute.
  • June 2010: Dolezal reported finding what she believed was a rope fashioned into a noose hanging outside her Coeur d’Alene home. She told investigators she felt threatened by the noose because someone had threatened her at work about her ethnicity. Investigators talked to a neighbor who owned the property. He told them “he hung a deer up there [about a year ago] and he believes the rope is from that time.” He told investigators that he mentioned that information to Dolezal. Investigators say they called Dolezal, but she never returned their call and the case was closed.

KXLY was not able to find any of the other hate crimes which Dolezal reported in North Idaho. She also reported someone placed a noose on her porch in Spokane in 2009, but no suspects were identified and the case was suspended by Spokane Police.


Perhaps faking hate crimes. Lying about “documented” hate crimes where few have been documented. This is one sick woman and the notion that she should be given a pass because she means well is outrageous.

Do liberals really want to start a “transracial” movement where not only can everyone decide what gender they are, but what race they want to identify with?  You can’t create your own reality regarding your gender or your race and demand that everyone else accept it. You can believe anything you wish. But in the case of Dolezal, she was using the government’s rules and regulations on affirmative action to achieve a paid position that was supposed to go to a person of color. This is fraud and it’s where the line between your personal reality and objective reality must be drawn.




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