Dan Aykroyd 'Gas for Guns' Event Postponed

Would you turn in your gun to the government in exchange for some free gas? Would you turn in your gun to actor and comedian Dan Aykroyd for some free gas?

An event scheduled for tomorrow in Jackson, Mississippi, was cancelled when organizers learned the law prohibits them from giving citizens something of value in exchange for their firearms.



Hinds County Sheriff Tyrone Lewis announced his “Gas for Guns” event would be postponed … because it was illegal. “We were made aware of the update via a public press release through various media outlets submitted by state Rep. Andy Gipson, one of the authors of the updated legislation,” Sheriff’s Department spokesman Othor Cain said.

The law prohibits county or municipal officers or employees from participating in any program in which people are given something of value in exchange for surrendering a firearm to the county, municipality or other governmental body.

WAPT News explains, “However, the law states that the county can adopt an ordinance that allows such a program. The guns collected would have to be offered for sale at auction. Guns that are not sold must be disposed of “in a manner that the (county) deems appropriate.”

So the program will be postponed until the country supervisors make “provisions.”

Aykroyd joined forces with the sheriff for the event to get “guns off the street and reduce crime.” Aykroyd donated $10,000 to the event and was to be there handing out gas cards.


Folks turning in their guns would get $50 for a 9mm or smaller caliber or $100 for calibers larger than 9mm. (HELLO, AP GUN FACT CHECKERS.)

“You heard calls all the time how shots were fired over here, shots fired over here,” Sheriff Lewis said Wednesday. “Or you put the TV on and see how somebody got killed unnecessarily. This starts that process that goes beyond conversations and actually putting something into motion.”

Although you won’t be getting gas for your guns, you can still meet Aykroyd on Saturday, as he is in town campaigning for Sheriff Lewis.


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