A Notorious Gun-Grabber May Be Waiting in the Wings as Hillary's Campaign Implodes

A name is being floated as a possible contender for the Democrat nomination in the event Hillary Clinton’s campaign implodes — and the candidate would be the worst nightmare for the pro-2nd Amendment crowd.


The stars are not aligned for Hillary Clinton in 2016 like they were for Barack  Obama in 2008. She may be the Democrat establishment’s choice — but she’s not the people’s choice as poll after poll show. What’s more, she doesn’t have the entire Democrat media complex in her corner like Obama did in 2008 and 2012. One gets the sense that many in the liberal media do not look forward to having to run interference for another blindingly corrupt and dishonest candidate. Perhaps a sense of pride has kicked in?  I don’t know, but the sheer number of damaging stories about the Clinton Foundation’s pay-to-play corruption that have been allowed to enter the mainstream media tells me the fix is definitely not in for Hillary Clinton.

Scott McKay, writing for The American Spectator, predicts that it will be all over for the Hillary Express as soon as some big-time news editor decides “to pull the trigger” on the Jeffrey Epstein/Pedophile Island scandal. As McKay sagely notes,  “even a healthy campaign could never withstand the spectacle of the candidate’s husband being credibly accused as a serial debaucher of underaged prostitutes.”

And Hillary’s campaign has been anything but healthy. “After all, what successful presidential campaign finds it necessary to be relaunched two months after its introduction?” McKay asks.


And what relaunch of a Democrat frontrunner’s presidential campaign can’t even attract the Democrat mayor of the city hosting the relaunch?

Clinton is a non-stop cascade of disqualification, and the Democrats know it.

So who’s waiting in the wings with a humongous bankroll and a proven history of enforcing the type of big-government policies the Democrat faithful love? Click to the next page to find out.

…when that time finally comes, and the inevitable euthanasia of Hillary Clinton’s political ambitions finally materializes, it won’t be Sanders who benefits. Nor will the other Lilliputian Democrat hopefuls, like Jim Webb, Lincoln Chaffee or Martin O’Malley.

It’s going to be Mike Bloomberg.

Bloomberg’s potential candidacy, which has been demanded in the pages of USA Today and the New York Post, doesn’t make sense with Hillary in the race. Bloomberg, who is worth a reported $36 billion, could self-finance the most expensive campaign in the history of American politics (even if no amount of money could buy him charisma as a candidate). But he doesn’t appeal to the neo-communists comprising the Democrats’ activist base, who still pine for the insane Elizabeth Warren as their fantasy nominee. Bloomberg doesn’t have a constituency in that party while Hillary is in the race.

Not yet.

But consider this scenario, which I would argue is quite likely — Hillary bumps along until the bottom falls out of her campaign, perhaps just before the opening of primary season. At that time the Democrats find themselves utterly desperate for a candidate, and have none in the field with the slightest chance of winning in the general election; what’s more, neither Chaffee nor Sanders nor Webb nor O’Malley nor Joe Biden have enough in their war chests to mount much of an effort at the Iowa caucuses, much less a campaign through to the convention.


It’s an interesting theory  — and if McKay is right, it represents yet another serious threat to the Second Amendment.







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