Let's Disarm the Police Force

Disarming the local police force is an idea courtesy of Councilman Dennis Kneier of San Marino, California.

According to the Pasadena Star-News, Councilman Kneier does not want any police “problems” in his community. “Kneier worries a misunderstanding or accident might turn into a ‘use of force’ and become ‘a terrible stain on San Marino.’ So he suggested staff explore a style of policing where patrol officers don’t carry firearms.”


“I wouldn’t recommend this for Los Angeles or Oakland — not to pick on those places — but they’re not San Marino,” Kneier said. “I’m just wondering if we should do some research and see if our police has any appetite and our community has any appetite for almost thinking about a UK-method of policing so that an accident doesn’t happen.”

Let me tell you what will happen to San Marino if you disarm the police. It will turn into Los Angeles and Oakland ON STEROIDS.  San Marino will become NEW JACK CITY.

The reason this is a bad idea is that California has ridiculous gun restrictions that prevent law abiding citizens from protecting themselves with firearms. It’s virtually impossible to get a conceal permit in California and there are so many restrictions on what kind of firearms a California resident can buy, many gun dealers will not even bother shipping firearms to California residents if they want to purchase them online. (And before the gun-grabbers get hysterical over my online purchasing comment, online gun purchases from firearms dealers are shipped directly to other firearms dealers so the purchaser can fill out all the paperwork and get a background check before taking possession of the gun. I believe California has a 10-day waiting period as well, at least they did when I lived there.)

Close your eyes and imagine a city where no one has firearms except the criminals.


“Kneier gave his comments after Police Chief John Incontro provided a report on the state of the Police Department during a May 29 meeting. His department, along with other local agencies, will go to bias policing training at the Museum of Tolerance in the fall.

This is one of the creepiest sentences I have ever read.

Police Chief Incontro did not seem too excited by the councilman’s suggestion of disarmament. “We’re not an island, and we don’t have a wall around us,” Incontro said. “We have people committing crimes from outside this city, and the officers need to be prepared. They need to be sufficiently equipped to handle those incidents.”

Kneier’s idea also did not get support from the other council members so the San Marino police will not pursue disarming their police force. For now.









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