Suicidal Wrong-Way Driver Snarls Traffic, Injures Four

Drivers headed to church or Sunday brunch this weekend on the southbound lanes of Georgia 400, a busy stretch of highway just north of downtown Atlanta, found themselves in for a shock as a wrong-way driver careened in their direction. What they didn’t know was that the driver was heading the wrong way on purpose — in an attempt to end her own life.

In the police report the woman told her doctor at Grady Hospital that she did what she did in an attempt to commit suicide.

That information was given to the Atlanta police officer at the hospital by the woman’s doctor.

According to the report, two drivers, who were heading south on 400 told how they encountered the woman, driving in the emergency lane and going the wrong way.

The incident took place along Georgia 400 near the Lenox Road interchange, a busy area of restaurants and retail. Witnesses described a vehicle heading northbound in the southbound lanes and slamming into the median wall.

The witnesses told police how the wrong way driver hit the median wall, and then spun out, striking the other two vehicles.

In all four people were injured, including the wrong way driver.

While she was being treated at Grady the woman, reportedly, told her doctor that she had been going the wrong way in an attempt to commit suicide.

The doctor told police who then contacted the Fulton County District Attorney’s office.

The woman will not be charged with anything other than driving related crimes.  As of now she faces counts of reckless driving and driving the wrong way.