How Do Caribbean Countries Handle Illegals? They Arrest Them

Look! Here’s some illegals now:

The Bahamas Immigration Department arrested three Haitians and one Bahamian on charges of protecting 49 undocumented Haitian nationals who arrived on Eleuthera island this week. The four suspects face charges related to the amended Immigration Act, which criminalizes the act of harboring undocumented migrants, the Department said in a statement.

“In the case of the three Haitian nationals, who are work permit holders, three illegal migrants were found and arrested at their place of residence, Bannerman Town Eleuthera; several other persons fled from their home and escaped arrest,” the Department said. The Bahamian citizen, a resident of Eleuthera, is also in custody as five illegal migrants were found at his home.

Under a new immigration law, which took effect on Nov. 1, the Bahamian government will not accept applications for work permits from persons residing illegally in the country and legal immigrants must carry their passports at all times. The legislation has been criticized internationally as targeting Haitians, a charge the Bahamian government denies.


Yes, because actually arresting the groups that disproportionately make up the bulk of the illegals is “targeting” them. Which is why in the U.S. the government refuses to “profile” in such matters as airport security, since that would be targeting the very people (ssshhhhh) who are causing the problem in the first place, and we can’t have that, can we?


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