Kasich on 2016: National Poll That Gauges 'What People Think About Me in Alaska Is Not Relevant'

Ohio Gov. John Kasich has former Sen. John Sununu running his New Hampshire operation as he bides his time on a presidential announcement, telling Fox News that he wants to ensure “the resources are there and the organization is there to be able to win.”


“I don’t want to get into this just to go around and waste everybody’s time, either. I’m going to have a sense that we can put it together, or I won’t do it. But I’m extremely optimistic,” Kasich said.

And he’s not pessimistic about polls showing him registering in the very low single digits, either.

“People like Barack Obama or Bill Clinton didn’t register early in the polls. That’s why you have early primaries. And, frankly, a national poll that takes into account what people think about me in Alaska is just not relevant. I mean, it’s going to be what people think about me in Iowa or in New Hampshire or in South Carolina,” Kasich said.

“So — you know, look — I mean, name ID right now is what this is all about. And my focus is on the places where it really matters. And I think national polls at this point are just simply not relevant.”

The governor said he likes Hillary Clinton, “but I got to tell you, the idea that we’re going to divide Americans and we’re going to use demagoguery — I don’t like it.”

“Now, I haven’t said a word about Hillary. But to come into the state of Ohio and say we’re repressing the vote, when New York has only election day and we have 27 days — what’s she — come on. That’s just silliness, you know? I’m disappointed in her, frankly,” Kasich continued. “I — you know, I’ve always — I like Hillary, personally. She’s been kind to me. I like her. I’m not for her for president, obviously. But, you know, you can’t get into that demagoguery and divide the country in Ohio. We’re trying to raise everybody.”


“…Don’t be coming in and saying we are deliberately trying to keep people from voting when her own state has less opportunity for voting than my state. And she’s going to sue my state? I mean, come on. That’s just silly. That’s not attack — that’s just silly. Come on, now.”


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