Media Still Determined to Get George Zimmerman

They’ll never get over what’s-his-name, but they’re bound and determined to make an issue out of Zimmerman and guns and Florida laws and aaarrggghhhhh!!!!!! Here’s the lede on  story from ABC News:


An attorney for a Florida man charged with shooting at George Zimmerman said Friday that he planned to use a “Stand Your Ground” defense — the same legal strategy considered but ultimately not used by lawyers for the former neighborhood watch leader who was acquitted in the fatal shooting of Trayvon Martin.

What? Since when is irrelevant information — neither did Zimmerman’s lawyers use the “Twinkie” defense, while we’re on the subject of things that didn’t happen — supposed to find its way into the first paragraph of a news story? Ah, but the evil “stand-your-ground” laws, which have set off an epidemic of Wild West shooting across the United States, have got to go. But wait — it gets crazier:

Such a defense would entitle Matthew Apperson to a hearing, ahead of his trial, during which a judge would decide if he deserves immunity from prosecution because he feared imminent death or bodily injury. Apperson was charged earlier this month with aggravated assault and battery for firing a gun into Zimmerman’s car during a traffic run-in. Zimmerman had minor injuries.

So let me get this straight — the guy who fired at Zimmerman (“Zimmerman involved in shooting,” read the headlines) was standing his ground — in a moving vehicle? You know, I want to hear more about this Stand Your Ground thingummy:


Zimmerman’s defense attorneys had considered asking for a “Stand Your Ground” hearing when the former neighborhood watch leader faced a second-degree murder charge for the February 2012 fatal shooting of Martin, but they instead opted to go straight to a traditional criminal trial.

And what happened at that trial, ABC News? The evil Zimmerman got what was coming to him, right?

A jury acquitted Zimmerman of any crime following a trial two years ago. The case sparked protests and a national debate about race relations. The U.S. Justice Department later decided not to bring a civil rights case against Zimmerman.

A police report says Apperson had a fixation on the former neighborhood watch leader and that Apperson had recently been admitted to a mental institution.

But, hey, all’s fair in love, war and media vendettas, right?




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