Quoting PJM, Mark Levin Slams Obama for Ignoring Shocking Rise In U.S. Terror Arrests

On Wednesday, PJ Media’s Patrick Poole wrote a breakthrough report about the shocking rise in domestic terror arrests this year. As he explained, 40 (wannabe) terrorists have been arrested in the first five months of 2015 alone.


Later in the day, Poole had to update that to 41 as news broke of the arrest of Asher Abid Khan.

How steep has the rise in terror activity been this year? Writes Poole:

 At the current pace, by the end of June — halfway through 2015 — the number of cases will exceed the number from the past two years combined (48).

The single best conservative talker in America — I’m talking about Mark Levin, of course — read Patrick’s article on the air Wednesday evening, explaining that these numbers prove the U.S. has a growing extremism problem. There are increasingly more Muslim extremists in the country, and they’re more than willing to put their hate-filled ideas into practice. That’s bad, but it gets even worse. Levin:

Forty — and we’re not even at the half-year mark. Forty. And it’s actually worse. Because Obama wants to bring individuals from the Middle East into this country by the tens of thousands, and he’s being urged to do so by his party.

Levin then mentioned a report from the Washington Free Beacon saying that at least 638 supposed “asylum seekers” from the Middle East have been found to have ties to terror groups. Yes, you read that right: 638 so-called refugees who tried to get into America were likely terrorists. And these were just the ones who got caught.


Any sane government would be so shocked by these facts that it would limit the amount of asylum-seekers it lets into the country, but regrettably, the Obama administration is crazy. These radical leftists literally play with American lives, and they couldn’t care less.

What’s a terror attack or two if you can bring thousands of new voters who’ll support the Democratic Party? Isn’t that what foreign policy and immigration are really all about?


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