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Taliban 5 Could Be Free to Return to the Battlefield Within Days (Video)

Because of the Obama administration’s badly advised prisoner swap a year ago,  five dangerous and unreformed Taliban leaders could soon be returning to the battlefield.

The five were traded for Army deserter Bowe Bergdahl and unless a deal is made with Qatar to extend their monitoring, they could be free to travel as early as Monday.

Via Fox News: 

The five former Guantanamo detainees have been under close monitoring in Qatar and subject to a travel ban since their release last year. The agreement with Qatar is set to expire June 1.

While the Washington Post reported earlier this month that the administration was in talks with Qatari officials about potentially extending security measures for the group, it’s unclear if any restrictions will remain in place after the end of the month.

Asked this week if the talks produced any agreement, a State Department official told, “We don’t have any updates.”

Congressional lawmakers have grown anxious.

Joe Kasper, spokesman for House Armed Services Committee member Rep. Duncan Hunter R-Calif., said his office has gotten “radio silence” from the administration in asking about the issue.

“They have to be concerned with what happens to the five Taliban because they made every effort to portray the trade as a good deal,” Kasper said in an email. “The nightmare scenario for the Administration is if any of these guys show up again within the global battlespace, be it in some kind of leadership position or just as messengers of threats or propaganda.”

Members of Congress have repeatedly expressed concern about what will happen after the travel ban expires. They have asked the Obama administration to try to persuade Qatar to extend the monitoring.

“This is one of the biggest mistakes President Obama has ever made,” Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) told Greta Van Susteren Wednesday evening. “Because there are men, women – somebody’s child – is going to have to get back into that fight and engage with them again. They are dangerous people. The president continues to have no enemy combatant strategy – he doesn’t have a strategy in the middle east, and we’re putting five known terrorists back into the fight – it’s just so outrageous.”

Greta Van Susteren noted that Bergdhal – an alleged Army deserter –  was swapped for five Taliban leaders without the Obama administration notifying Congress 30 days in advance as required — making it “all the more appalling.”

“It was found by the GAO that the Obama administration – the president –  was in violation of the law,” Chaffetz pointed out.

“I want to hear from Susan Rice. How is it that she stood before the American people and sold us a lie?  She went out there and said that he served with honor and distinction.” He added, “I’m sorry, Greta, but he did not. He deserted, and people died trying to find him.”

Chaffetz went on to explain why Obama blew past Congress without giving them the required 30 day notice.

“This is something we see that is a pattern with this president. He’s so desperate to close Guantanamo Bay at all costs – even at the cost of American lives,” he said.  “That’s why so many people are disgusted – in a very bipartisan way.”

Yes yes –  we’re all so outraged and disgusted, but not enough to actually do anything about it. It’s just another instance where Obama violated the law –  putting American and/or our allies’ lives in danger  – but as usual,  no one wants to mention the congressional remedy to deal with his serial abuses of power.



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