True Grit, Singapore-Style

Some guys just won’t quit, especially when it comes to money:

A man who drove to a police post with a friend he owed money to clinging to his windscreen was fined $2,000 and banned from the road for nine months on Thursday.  Mr Haresh Govindaraju, 46, and two other friends went to see Murali Krishnan Naidu, 44, at his King Albert Park condo to discuss some money he owed them.

While waiting outside they saw Naidu drive in with his wife and teenage son and ran towards his car but he drove away to avoid confrontation. The trio shouted vulgarities at Naidu’s wife and banged his vehicle, and at some point Mr Harish leapt onto the bonnet and held onto the sides of the windscreen. The couple tried to persuade Mr Haresh to get off the bonnet – but he refused and threatened to “break their heads”

Worried for the safety of his family, Naidu decided to drive to the nearest Neighbourhood Police Post. Mr Haresh was still on the bonnet when they arrived at Bukit Batok NPP. He eventually got off the car after several warnings from the police.


More details here, reported at the time of the original incident.




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