The More, The Merrier: Jindal Forms Exploratory Committee

It’s a party now.

Bobby Jindal announced Monday that he’s forming a presidential exploratory committee for a potential run for the 2016 Republican nomination, a major step toward launching a bid.

The Louisiana governor, a fierce social conservative who has been active in the early nominating states, will make a decision after the state’s legislative session ends on June 11.


Oddly, Jindal has probably been a likely 2016 candidate longer than almost anyone not named “Bush” but is getting what could be considered a later start.

What strikes me most about the GOP field (declared and undeclared) is that even without identity politics as its guide, it is putting together a rather diverse group. The Democrats, obsessed with identity politics and chasing the youth vote, have managed to cough up two white grandparents. Were the situation reversed, the media would be pointing this out 24/7 (the New York Times recently managed to focus on “aging” Republicans in an article about the youngest GOP candidate running).

So point this out I will. Over and over.



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