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Insanity in Academia: Smith College President Says 'Motherhood Is a Cultural Invention'

Via the Boston Globe:

Motherhood is a cultural invention. It reflects a belief adopted by society that is passed down from one generation to the next. In US culture, we hold to the idea that young children are better off when cared for exclusively by their mothers. Mothers are bombarded by this message in the media, especially in programming directed to them. Only after five seasons does Claire Dunphy, the iconic mother of “Modern Family,” return to the workplace.

I could respond with single mother/career mother roles from media to counter Ms. McCartney’s critical “Modern Family” example, but I’m writing a blog post, not a book.

Part of this is rooted in the leftist pitch to get your kids into daycare as early as possible for the beginning of the indoctrination that will make them believe things like “motherhood is a cultural invention” without questioning.

Most of it is rooted in the fact that radical feminists are insane.

They are, however, well placed in academia.

That is why the author can write things like “Our cultural construction of motherhood is rooted in a particularly strong American bias toward personal responsibility, reflected across our social policies” (if only that were true!) and “Mother’s Day is a good day to double down on the work required to reconstruct our conception of motherhood” and remain in charge of an institution that charges more than $60,000 a year to “teach” young minds.

Feminists want to play fast and loose with gender roles and societal norms as needed but still be able to say all men are rapists waiting to happen. They have no middle ground here — it’s all fluid or rigid, which makes most (I’m being generous) of their claims childish and easy to dismiss.

“Motherhood” and “child-rearing responsibilities” are different concepts that are being conflated here for the purpose of this whimsically illogical thought journey of Ms. McCartney’s. I take that back, motherhood is actually being reduced to a set of chores here, completely exorcising the gestation period that, according my latest level of understanding, is still done by human females.

My intention here isn’t to spend time picking apart what Ms. McCartney is writing, her intellectual bubble (and bubble head) status is pretty clear. It’s just important to keep pointing out just how badly radicalized the upper levels of academia are.

And hopefully to inspire people to start doing something about it.