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LIVE BLOG: Apparent Terror Attack in Dallas Targeting Free Speech Event

4:30a OK it’s been 8+ hours and we still don’t have IDs on the suspects. Police probably waiting until later this morning. So with that, I’ll close out this live blog with one last hot take:


4:24a Some more smart takes

4:17a Cambridge, MA

4:09a Here was the update from the Garland PD earlier:

Several law enforcement agencies, including SWAT and bomb squad officers from multiple local departments, DPS, FBI, and others, continue to investigate the shooting incident outside the Curtis Culwell Center in Garland. Around the end of an event at the center (7PM), two males drove up to the front of the building and opened fire on a Garland ISD security officer. Garland PD officers returned fire, shot and killed both of the men. The Garland ISD security officer suffered non life threatening gunshot injuries and has already been released from the hospital. Police suspect the suspect vehicle may contain an incendiary device. This has prompted bomb squad response from Plano and other agencies. At this hour, police, bomb squad officers and robots continue to investigate the suspect vehicle. Businesses and streets in the immediate area have been closed. Tonight’s event was a “Draw the Prophet” Muhammad art exhibit. The winning cartoonist would receive a $10,000 prize. As mentioned earlier in this post, the shooting occurred near end of that event. As also reported, tonight’s event was at the Curtis Culwell Center, the same location as a “Stand with the Prophet” event earlier this year in January.


*Garland PD requests that people avoid this area until further notice as the investigation continues.*

3;50a Some UK media rolling in now

3:46a Canadian “anti-extremist”



3:24a Holy cow


3:17a There’s no keeping up with all the stupid on social media tonight.



2:51a Here is Tom Trento’s video report from the event, when ~1:19:14 they first learn of the shooting; ~1:29:00 is when security enters and announces shots fired outside and move the audience to a secure room.

2:46a Wisdom from an “aspiring political journalist”




2:22a Newsweek correspondent calls Geert Wilders an “agent provocateur”


2:13a Hats off to you, sir, and a speedy recovery


2:06a Media smart takes, oddly both from NYTimes


2:04a Director of Duke University’s Islamic Studies Center ==>

1:46a More smart takes

1:42a Event attendees are apparently being let out

1:39a More smart takes

1:37a Smart take from “liberal arts major”


1:33a Some good coverage from Twitchy

1:31a The conspiracy-mongering has begun:

1:25a Geert Wilders with the security team at the event tonight



12:42a Gov Abbott’s statement:

12:39a Apparently from someone on the scene


12:32a Some context on tonight’s terror attack

12:22a Print media starting to pick up the story

Here’s the link to my article on Friday about Geert Wilders’ appearance on Capitol Hill this past week.

12:15a Local officials say that they were prepared for something like this

12:02a Fox is reporting the officer has been treated and released


11:53p Here is reportedly the last tweet from one of the shooters:

ORIGINAL POST: A free speech event featuring controversial Dutch politician Geert Wilders was interrupted by two gunmen who reportedly opened fire outside the center where a Muhammad Art Exhibit was being held.

CBS Dallas is reporting that two gunmen were killed and a police officer was also shot.

I just spoke with Tom Trento of The United West who was in the building. He said that Wilders had just left the event, and that if the gunmen had showed up 20 minutes later many more would have been killed.

Trento is doing live video updates on his Facebook page.

I will be live blogging here for the time being. Ed Driscoll has an article up here with some background.


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