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Florida to Sue Feds Over Medicaid Expansion


Republican Gov. Rick Scott said Thursday that Florida will file a lawsuit against the Obama administration for its decision to link the continuation of billions of dollars for the state’s health care providers to Obamacare Medicaid expansion.

Scott’s announcement follows weeks of escalating tensions between state and administration officials over Florida’s opposition to Medicaid expansion. His decision, a surprise to fellow Republican state legislators, was supported by the leader of the conservative House but criticized by the leader of the more moderate Senate.

The federal strong-arm tactics have got to stop, and it is nice to see a Republican governor who agrees. Several have made typical bureaucratic hack excuses for the expansion. The federal behemoth loves financial trickery to get states to go along with its money-hungry growth schemes and the political landscape has fewer and fewer voices who will just say “No!” every once in a while.

The moderate Republicans will always opt for the expansion of the bureaucracy, which is why they shouldn’t ever be in charge. Of anything.