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Iran Parliament Releases Nuke Deal Fact Sheet: Sanctions Gone on Day One, 'Conventional' Inspections

Complaining that the White House released a fact sheet on the nuclear framework with facts the Islamic Republic didn’t agree to, the Iranian parliament’s Nuclear Committee released the country’s own fact sheet today.

It stresses that, despite the back and forth with Washington over when sanctions relief would be seen, the deal they agreed to includes “immediate termination of all sanctions in a single step and on the first day of the implementation of the final agreement.”

The fact sheet, released as an “exclusive” by the semi-official Fars News Agency, says the Join Comprehensive Plan of Action period “should be limited to five years, in which about 10,000 active centrifuges operating at Natanz and Fordo now will continue nuclear fuel production by enriching uranium below the 5% grade.”

“During the five-year period, the Islamic Republic of Iran will continue to keep the excess centrifuges installed at Natanz and Fordo or will gradually dismantle them, and at the end of the 5-year period, it will replace all the existing centrifuges, including the active or inactive ones, with the new generation of (IR-N) centrifuge machines with the help of the new spaces and infrastructures which will have been already prepared and will use them without any limitation.”

The amount of enrichment, the sheet says, “should be specified based on the country’s practical needs and the number of 10,000 centrifuges has also been specified on this basis.”

“The 5-year period in this factsheet has been has been specified with respect to the date when Iran’s nuclear fuel contract with Russia for the Bushehr nuclear power plant will end; hence, the rules and limitations for the components of the enrichment cycle should be set in such a way that the Islamic Republic of Iran will be able to supply the fuel needed for the power plant after the end of the contract with Russia,” it continues. “Operation of 10,000 centrifuges and developing and having a 10-ton enriched uranium stockpile will enable the Islamic Republic of Iran to supply the fuel needed for the Bushehr power plant in the year when the fuel supply contract with Russia (28-30 tons) ends.”

“…If the country would need 20%-degree (enriched) uranium, the nuclear fuel production line for purity levels lower than 5% will be altered to enrich uranium to the 20%-grade after connecting the centrifuge cascades to each other again.”

Inspections will be approved “at conventional levels similar to all other countries.”

“Given the Islamic Republic of Iran’s opposition to the world arrogance, endorsing and implementing the Additional Protocol will provide the world arrogance (a term normally used for the US and its western allies) with legal grounds to stage their preplanned plots against the Islamic Republic of Iran,” it states.

Not only does Iran insist that P5+1 countries, the EU and the UN Security Council will cancel all sanctions on day one, but they must agree to “avoid imposition of new nuclear-related sanctions against Iran.”

The White House has brushed off consistent contradictions from Iran about the nature of the nuclear framework as merely rhetoric for domestic consumption.

“Clearly the Iranians, for their own purposes, are emphasizing different elements of that framework agreement,” Deputy National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes told MSNBC on Tuesday.