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[VIDEO] Ted Cruz at the NRA: Can a Positive Campaign Produce a Winner?

At the NRA’s annual convention yesterday, Senator Ted Cruz once again presented his vision for America… and for his presidential campaign. The biggest take-away isn’t that he’s pro-Second Amendment (we already knew that), but that he’s determined to run a positive campaign. Just watch the video:

Of course Cruz criticized President Obama and other Democrats for implementing horrendous policies that do tremendous damage to America and the rest of the world, but his message was — overall — very positive. He emphasized time and again that he’s inspired and motivated to fight “for your constitutional rights” and that he still believes that “the promise of America” can be reignited.

He already promised he’d run a positive campaign shortly after he announced his candidacy.

The question is whether such a campaign can produce a winner. Many modern-day experts believe it can’t, which is why we’re seeing attack ad after attack ad when elections are close. However, there are some success stories of mostly positive campaigns that aimed to inspire. Think about Ronald Reagan in 1980 and especially in 1984. He, too, had a clear vision for America and tried to rally people behind it.

Cruz is taking a risk — winning a negative campaign is easier — but if it pays off, it’ll pay off big time. After all, he’ll then have won the nomination without having made a lot of enemies, which will make it likelier that they and the grassroots will throw their support behind him if he’s the last man standing (against Jeb).