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Rand Paul Is Selling Signed Constitutions to Raise Funds has published an interesting and often hilarious article about the most curious items in Rand Paul’s online store. Now, it’s all fun and games when he’s trying to sell folks a Rand Paul Webcam Blocker, but the follow item has me a tad bit concerned:

Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 22.14.15

This is ridiculous.

I’m aware that presidential candidates have to raise an insane amount of money just to compete, but they should try to be at least somewhat ethical about it. You’re abusing the Constitution to raise funds? Seriously? You don’t have any qualms about using that most sacred document? What’s next? Putting your autograph on a Bible and selling it for $1,000 more?

If Paul respected the Constitution, he’d sign some pocket editions and sell them for the cost price. Instead, he’s acting like a pimp, telling America’s founding document to “show me the money!”

I’d laugh if it wasn’t so darned embarrassing.