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Is CNN Destroying Itself with Its Anti-Christian Propaganda?

CNN seems to be losing the liberal rivalry (or death battle) against MSNBC:

Screen Shot 2015-04-05 at 22.09.50

Breitbart believes CNN’s troubles are caused by its “hatred” for “Christians”:

CNN’s week-long misinformation campaign that used the Indiana and Arkansas religious freedom bills to gin up hate against Christians by dishonestly portraying them as fiery bigots, did little to help the left-wing network in its ongoing death struggle with MSNBC for last place. Monday thru Thursday of last week, the height of CNN’s anti-Christian Hate Campaign, saw the embattled network lose handily to MSNBC in total viewers during the all-important primetime hours.

I don’t think CNN’s hatred is limited to Christians, as such. Rather, they want to destroy everything related to conservatism. Traditional Christianity is evil, and the same goes for traditional marriage. Federalism? Terrible! How dare you even mention it?! Personal responsibility! Brr, begone!

As Breitbart points out, the network is clearly “driven by a desire to destroy” these values and ideas. Apparently, they think that this strategy will help them win the battle against MSNBC. The problem? Viewers don’t just want to hear what’s wrong (with others’ views), they also want to hear alternatives. If you don’t have any to offer, you’ll end up destroying yourself rather than your opponents.

That’s what’s happening to CNN right now. MSNBC also hates traditional family values, but Rachel Maddow and co. at least have an alternative vision for the future. CNN doesn’t.