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Nasal-Voiced Syracusan, Carpetbagging Virginia Governor, Attacks Southern Gun Culture

That would be the ethically challenged Clinton apparatchik, Terry McAuliffe, who took advantage of the burgeoning federal worker presence in northern Virginia to somehow get himself twice elected governor of the Old Dominion:

Keeping with his promise to push for greater gun safety in his state, Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe vetoed three firearms bills approved by lawmakers during the state’s 2015 legislative session, despite a state Senate committee refusing to pass 10 of his gun-control measures in January.

McAuliffe vetoed the three bills last week, following the end of the legislative session on Feb. 28. Lawmakers will return to Richmond on April 15 to consider the governor’s vetoes. McAuliffe’s actions are expected to be upheld because the Virginia Senate is evenly divided between Republicans and Democrats.  Senate Bill 1137 would have allowed concealed carry permit holders to carry a loaded shotgun or rifle in their vehicles on any public street or highway, regardless of local laws.

“From drawing legislative lines outside of the constitutional process, to loosening Virginia gun laws and unnecessarily disrupting the ability of law enforcement and the Virginia Board of Education to do their jobs, these bills do not make Virginia stronger or more competitive,” McAuliffe, a Democrat and gun owner, said on Monday.

Love the reporter’s helpful “gun owner” description; I guess that makes it all right, then. The rest of the MSNBC story goes on in a similarly biased, anti-gun vein, making the interloping hack McAuliffe its hero.

Virginia received a “D” grade, ranking 20 out of the 50 states in the most recent annual scorecard published by the Law Center at the end of 2014. Local governments in Virginia generally lack the authority to regulate firearms or ammunition, and local courts must issue a concealed handgun permit to any applicant who meets basic qualifications.

During his State of the Commonwealth address in January, McAuliffe said residents “can no longer stand by as our fellow Virginians are lost to preventable and senseless acts of gun violence. Even one Virginian’s precious life is too high a price to pay for our inability to reach a reasonable compromise on gun safety,” he added.

The road to serfdom is paved with the Democrat mantra, “if it saves just one life.”