Who Attacked the NSA? Two Men in Women's Wigs Ram Gate, Hit in Shootout

One person was killed and another injured this morning when a car tried to go through the security checkpoint at the National Security Agency gate.

According to a statement from NSA Director for Strategic Communication Jonathan Freed, a vehicle with “two individuals attempted an unauthorized entry” just before 9 a.m.


“The vehicle failed to stop and barriers were deployed,” Freed said. “The vehicle accelerated toward an NSA Police vehicle blocking the road. NSA Police fired at the vehicle when it refused to stop. The unauthorized vehicle crashed into the NSA Police vehicle.”

“One of the unauthorized vehicle’s occupants died on the scene. The cause of death has not been determined. The other occupant was injured and taken to a local hospital.”

Freed said one NSA Police officer was also hurt and taken to the hospital.

“The incident was contained to the vehicle control point area on the perimeter of the secure campus,” he added, noting that the FBI is taking the lead on the investigation.

The FBI quickly said they didn’t believe the attack was linked to terrorism.

TV footage from the air showed the incident at a gate off Interstate 295, the Baltimore-Washington Parkway. The exit is reserved for NSA entry only and is marked with highway signs.


The Baltimore Sun reported that a “firefight” took place and the injured attacker was shot in the chest. The two occupants of the black SUV were reportedly men dressed as women, including wigs. TV footage showed what appeared to be a black wig on the ground.

“The president has been briefed on this morning’s incident at the National Security Agency and will be updated as appropriate,” White House spokesman Eric Schultz said. “Further questions at this time should be directed to NSA.”


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