Macabre: Narcissists Flock to NYC Blast Site to Take Selfies


Narcissists are heading over to the site of a tragic blast and snapping selfies of themselves amidst the rubble from an explosion in a New York City building. Some took the pictures as rescuers were frantically searching for survivors.


Amid the backdrop of the devastation wrought by the explosion, fire and collapse of three buildings that injured 25 people, seven smiling women used a selfie stick late Friday to snap a cheery photo of themselves.

On Sunday, the New York Post was so disgusted the paper led with the story…and an appropriate title.

“Disgusting beyond words,” wrote a commenter on the local-news blog EV Grieve, which reposted the snap.

“Take a look at these people. Remember their faces,” wrote Diane DiDonato, of Brooklyn, on Facebook. “They don’t deserve those smiles. People are dying behind them.”


“THIS IS A TRAGEDY NOT A TOURIST ATTRACTION,” one frustrated neighbor wrote in a sign taped to a front door on nearby 7th Street. “SHOW SOME RESPECT,” the sign demanded.

Other selfie-snappers included Christina Freundlich, whose LinkedIn profile lists her as a communications director for the Iowa Democratic Party. She posted a grinning photo of herself at the scene giving the peace sign.

“Too soon,” one follower chided.


As people snapped macabre pictures, 60 firefighters continued to extinguish flames and search for survivors. The New York Fire Department said it could take up to week to to finish going through the ruins.

“It’s going to be slow and arduous to dig out, search through the rubble,” FDNY Commissioner Dan Nigro said.


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