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Shot by Cops After Yelling Nazi Slogans? Depends on the Color of Your Skin


Calgary Muslims shout “Heil Hitler” at pro-Israel demonstrators (August 2014, via BCBlue)


Over at, Ezra Levant continues to follow the ongoing saga of the cops in his hometown — Calgary, Alberta — and what seems like their weird double standard when it comes to troublemakers who shout Nazi slogans in public.

Last year, a bunch of Muslims yelled “Heil Hitler!” at a pro-Israel rally. 

The cops stood by and did nothing, and I’d argue that that was the right response. Free speech, right?

But over the weekend, a decidedly Caucasian-looking dude shouted “White power!” at some “anti-racism” demonstrators.

A run-in with police followed — and he was shot.

This comes shortly after the perps at yet another incident in Calgary — a Muslim-led riot during which a Jewish family was attacked in broad daylight — were finally sentenced to… write essays as punishment!

Ezra squeezes a lot into this short video, including revelations as to just who was behind that rather arbitrary “anti-racism” rally: