What Afghans Did for Woman Murdered by Zealots Will Restore Your Faith in the Country

The vicious murder of a 27-year-old woman named Farkhunda has stoked outrage among everyday Afghans who are fighting back against abuse of women and Islamic extremism.


Farkhunda was attacked by a mob in Kabul on Thursday after being accused of burning the Quran. She was beaten, run over by a car, and burned before her body was tossed in the muddy Kabul River.

Afghan authorities have confirmed there’s zero evidence that she even burned a Quran, and her parents say she was murdered for calling out a mullah on a practice seem as un-Islamic — he then wanted revenge and incited the mob.

“I want all the judicial institutions to prosecute the perpetrators,” her father, Nadir, told Tolo News. “I don’t want blood of my daughter go in vain.” Her mother stressed she was “proud” of her daughter, who “sacrificed her life for the right path.”

Afghanistan’s interior ministry suspended 13 police officers and officials in the investigation; videos show nearby police watched as Farkhunda was attacked. The mullah who incited the mob has been arrested along with a dozen others. Afghan President Ashraf Ghani has also appointed a fact-finding team to investigate the murder. There’s copious video of the savage mob attack online.

But the strongest messages are being sent by Afghans, who are taking to the streets until justice is realized.

When Farkhunda was buried on Sunday, it was women who carried her coffin to the cemetery.










Ramin Anwari, a 30-year-old activist, called the funeral “history-making and revolutionary,” according to the Telegraph.

“For the first time I saw visible anger at mullahs whose twisting of Islamic law have caused so much suffering in Afghanistan,” he said.

The protests are just heating up, and the pressure is on politicians who try to justify Farkhunda’s murder.




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