Pelosi: Boehner Just Wants to Investigate Hillary, 'Her Emails or Her Hair or Whatever'

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) says House Speaker John Boehner’s (R-Ohio) call for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to subject her home server to third-party review politicized the email controversy into something that “isn’t really about emails.”


“It’s about a partisan investigation by a select committee that has spent millions of dollars, produced nothing,” Pelosi said in reference to the Select Committee on Benghazi. “And as — I think we’re going to just see an ongoing to investigate Hillary Clinton, whatever the subject, whether it’s her emails or it’s her hair or whatever it happens to be. So that’s what I’m concerned about, as I said, the politicization of an issue. And it is the fact the Speaker says that her server should be turned over.”

On Tuesday, Boehner told GOP lawmakers that he’s not on a witch hunt — yet stressed that “the way forward is for the secretary to turn over all of her emails that pertain to the public.”

“But some neutral third party is going to have to make some decision about what documents are, quote, ‘personal,’ and which ones are public record. And thus far, she’s been unwilling to do this,” he said.

“…Nothing has changed. The Benghazi Committee is the committee that found this personal email usage and the Benghazi Committee is focused on getting the facts about what happened with regard to Benghazi. The Government Reform Committee has worked on the federal Open Records law and they’re continuing their work on that. There is nothing — no change has been made in terms of how we’re approaching dealing with these documents.”


Pelosi insisted at her press conference today that Clinton “should not be treated any differently than any other secretary of State.”

“Even if you just said in this century where technology has moved forward and this kind of subject would not come up about a server and about emails a number of years ago. Communications yes, but not this particular stamp on it,” she said. “So I would say let’s see what other secretaries of State, what their practices, what the status is of their server, and maybe that would be an interesting contrast.”

However, “it’s a mistake for those committees to continue a political investigation of Hillary Clinton, whatever.”

“And that’s what they seem to do. Their organized purpose was supposed to be an investigation that produced some information already obtained by the Intelligence Committee, which made its report. It seems to me a big waste of taxpayer money,” Pelosi continued.

“The — again, whatever is determined here is about the future as well as what happened in the past, but if we’re talking about the past, let’s talk about since 2000.”


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