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Utterly Moronic: Dick Durbin Says Loretta Lynch 'Forced to the Back of the Bus'

This is one seriously stupid human being.

The Senate’s second-ranking Democrat accused Republicans of putting African-American attorney general nominee Loretta Lynch at “the back of the bus” when it comes to a Senate confirmation vote.

Dick Durbin of Illinois called it “unjust” and “beneath the decorum and dignity” of the Senate to not take up Lynch’s nomination more quickly. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) has said he will hold a vote on Lynch only after the Senate passes a human trafficking bill caught up in a dispute over abortion.

Durbin is doing a couple of things here that are so stale they can be smelled from space.

First, he’s pretending that procedural stalling tactics aren’t quite common on both sides. It is a most tedious game that even people who don’t follow politics closely are aware is nonsense. Maybe it’s time that politicians stop pretending we’re is dumb as they are.

He is also absolutely wearing out the tired liberal shtick of invoking racial injustices from several decades ago and equating them to anything they feel they need to make a point about today. Double, “Oh, just shut up!” points are applied when a white liberal does this.

Loretta Lynch having her nomination is not institutionalized racism, it’s just politics. Actually, the fact that she has reached a point where she can be subject to stalling on a vote for her nomination as the Attorney General of the United States of America speaks volumes to how much progress women and minorities have made in America. Durbin’s pathetic whining makes it appear to be the opposite.

As usual, he’s wrong.

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