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The Last Two Years of the Obama Administration Will Be a Nightmare. Here's One Reason Why

Starting with the rise of the Watermelon Men: green on the outside, red on the inside — phony “climate change” concern trolls whose ostensible “enivronmentalism” masks the socialist, civilization-destroying agenda within:

 President Barack Obama is quietly but steadily working behind the scenes on what could become one of his signature achievements: A global agreement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

What he’s seeking out of the December U.N. climate talks in Paris would create the broadest, farthest-reaching deal in history, reworking environmental regulations for governments and corporations around the world and creating a framework for global green policy for decades.Republicans in Congress, sensing what he’s up to, are already saying no. And Obama’s already preparing to sign on without them.

Well, of course he is — that’s how Obama rolls. No Congress, no problem!

Which is why, even though reaching a climate change pact has become a top priority for the West Wing and part of nearly every conversation Obama has recently had with a foreign leader, Obama and his aides aren’t advertising it.

No kidding! This is the “transparent” White House that just informed the country that its machinations would no longer be subject to the Freedom of Information Act. Barry wants to pull off another unilateral policy coup without those pesky Republicans in Congress, whatever that is. But hey — we knew this was coming. Most presidents feel chastened after leading their party to two catastrophic off-year losses in Congress and in the statehouses. But not Barry Hussein; he made it clear right after the results were announced in November that he had no intention of hondling with Senate or the House about anything.

All the same, a global climate accord is what last November’s greenhouse gas agreement with China was leading up to. That’s what a big focus of his talks with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi was in New Delhi in January. And that’s why aides have been traveling to Lima, Bonn and Geneva, setting the terms for a deal that’s far bigger than the one Obama unenthusiastically committed to in 2009 in Copenhagen.

Since the Paris agreement would be voluntary and not a formal treaty, it’s seen as much more likely to get support around the world. And it can happen without the Senate taking any kind of vote on it.

Isn’t Caesarism wonderful? Good thing we have GOP majorities in both houses to check it.