Conversation OVER: Starbucks Exec Behind 'Race Together' Lunacy Deletes Twitter Account After Backlash

As we reported last night, Starbucks decided to ruin everyone’s lattes by having their baristas discuss racial tensions in America.

When it quickly became apparent that many Americans want the last thing they hear from the baristas is “Here’s your change,” the executive who dreamed up the idiotic idea deleted his Twitter account.


Starbucks is in hot water after launching a campaign that encourages baristas to talk about race relations with customers.
Critics have been lashing out at the company on social media, saying Starbucks is trying to capitalize on racial tension in the US.

Following the backlash, Starbucks’ senior vice president of communications, Corey duBrowa, deleted his Twitter account, which added to critics’ outrage.

So it would appear that Starbucks is super interested in having a conversation, but only as long as they control it. Dissenters or people with opinions about the appropriateness of the conversation need not interact.

This was an idea that was so patently absurd that it should have been thrown out the window when it was suggested. That a bunch of high level executives at a very successful corporation gave it a green light shows just how much can go awry when hippienomics are applied to a grownup business.

Now, baristas, as my good friend Kurt Schlichter is fond of saying: Fetch my latte.


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