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Obama So Super-Concerned About Iranian Nukes He's Scheduled a Summit with...Jimmy Kimmel

Scary times, right?

President Barack Obama is coming to Los Angeles on Thursday.

He’s scheduled to guest star on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and attend a Democratic National Committee event, the White House confirmed Tuesday.

Thursday will be President Obama’s first appearance on the late-night talk show as president. He appeared via satellite during his campaign in 2008.

Actor Sean Penn is also set to appear.

All day long social media and the news have been lighting up with lefties basically claiming that WWIII was imminent because of Tom Cotton’s letter. In their twisted minds, Obama is working some sort of diplomatic alchemy that will make the Islamic dictatorship a bunch of trustworthy fellows who wouldn’t dream of doing anything nefarious and the Republicans just angered them to the point of launching nukes at us.

If they had nukes, which they TOTALLY promise they’re not going to.

Anyway, amidst all of this “HERE COME THE BOMBS!” panic the president was so worked up that he decided to hit a fund raiser and a talk show.

Deep guy.

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