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White House Not Exactly Rushing To Hillary's Defense Over Email Scandal

Since the news of Hillary Clinton’s latest episode of blatant disregard surfaced, many of the usual suspects in the media have been rallying behind her. They blame Republicans for always trying to say something bad about the Good Ship Inevitable, even if it was the New York Times that broke the story. They went looking for dirt on Scott Walker right away.

This is understandable, the Clintons have always had a stranglehold on the media, so much so that Team Hillary has even been able to direct them to continually write stories about how awful the media is to her, despite no real world evidence of that.

The one notable faction of the Democratic Party that hasn’t been breaking a sweat to defend Her Madameship is the one currently in charge.

The nicest thing the White House has done so far was keeping quiet upon first learning about the situation. That doesn’t mean, of course, that they weren’t the ones who leaked it to the Times. The Clintons and the Obamas aren’t exactly barbecue buddies, after all.

Officially, the White House is playing dumb, not condemning Mrs. Bill but not exactly defending her. Unofficially, the real President of the United States says there was a “very firm policy” in place:

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