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In Case You're Wondering Which Side Boehner Is On...

It must be love

It must be love

Let’s put it this way: he’s not on our side. But you knew that already:

Tea Party Republicans contemplating a bid to oust Rep. John Boehner (R-Ohio) shouldn’t count on Democrats to help them unseat the Speaker. And without their support, there is no chance to topple Boehner in this Congress. A number of right-wing Republicans, long wary of Boehner’s commitment to GOP efforts attacking President Obama’s policy priorities, have openly considered a coup in an attempt to transfer the gavel into more conservative hands.

But Democrats from across an ideological spectrum say they’d rather see Boehner remain atop the House than replace him with a more conservative Speaker who would almost certainly be less willing to reach across the aisle in search of compromise. Replacing him with a Tea Party Speaker, they say, would only bring the legislative process — already limping along — to a screeching halt.

Gee, that would be too damn bad. But that’s how these Congresscritters think: they believe their job is to “pass bills” and “write legislation,” as if we don’t already have a bellyful of both. And so to this it’s come: Weepy John is only keeping his job thanks to his allies on the other side of the aisle. John McCain must be proud of him.

The Permanent Bipartisan Fusion Party takes care of its own.

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