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Politico: Dems Stressed, Worried Hillary Could 'Implode Totally'

Vegas odds on inevitability must be shifting.

Three days into the rolling controversy over Hillary Clinton’s use of a personal email address as Secretary of State, Democrats are showing signs of stress.

In interviews with more than three dozen Democratic activists, donors, and officials from across the country — including many in the influential presidential nominating states of Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina — some were scathing in their criticism over the revelations, while others admitted to being unnerved.

Predictably, those who automatically defend Hillary act as if trouble like this is conjured up out of nothing by detractors, which always makes me wonder if we’re talking about the same woman. Even the most partisan Democrat should be able to admit that the Clintons are in the habit of inviting controversy after it was proven lo those many years ago that Monica Lewinsky wasn’t an RNC plant. Bless their hearts though, they stick to the conspiracy stuff, just as Madame instructed.

The real problem, as this post points out, is that the Democrats are just now realizing that all of their eggs are in one basket and there isn’t much of a contingency plan when the whole thing goes rotten at once. Politico first explored this yesterday, which probably kept the poor dears up all night.

The fact that they’re bringing it up again today might mean that the lapdogs know more than the general public at the moment.

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