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True Romance

Who doesn’t love a love story like this? But remember, while you’re reading it, that these are the faces of a vanishing America, demonized at every turn by the satanic Left as exemplars of “white privilege.” For this, they fought for their country?


A California couple, married 67 years, died hours apart while holding hands this month, their daughter said on Thursday. Floyd Hartwig, 90, and wife Violet, 89, died on Feb. 11 in their home in Easton, California, outside Fresno, their family said.

The couple had known each other since they were children and married in 1947 while Floyd was on leave from the Navy, going on to settle in a ranch in Easton.”They enjoyed working side by side their entire lives,” said daughter Donna Scharton. “They were very loving. Very hard-working. Not into materialistic things.”

Each had battled illnesses in recent years. Violet had dementia and had suffered strokes. Floyd, who survived bladder and colon cancer, had been diagnosed with kidney failure, family said. Floyd and Violet had been given hospice care in the last weeks of their lives, and with the end near, family members pushed their beds together, Scharton said.

Floyd died first, holding Violet’s hand. She passed away five hours later, she said.

God bless these two. The world of “fundamental transformation” they’ve just departed will be a meaner, poorer, nastier place.


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