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Look Who's Lying About His Military Record

My colleague, Bridget Johnson, just beat me to the punch on this one, but still a few things are worth adding. Such as: what the hell is wrong with these people? Are they psychotic? Or simply typical Democrats, i.e. habitual liars?

Veterans Affairs Secretary Robert McDonald apologized Monday for misstating that he served in the military’s special forces. McDonald made the erroneous claim while speaking to a homeless veteran during a segment that aired last month on “CBS Evening News.”

In a statement released Monday by the VA, McDonald said: “While I was in Los Angeles, engaging a homeless individual to determine his veteran status, I asked the man where he had served in the military. He responded that he had served in special forces. I incorrectly stated that I had been in special forces. That was inaccurate and I apologize to anyone that was offended by my misstatement.”

The VA website says McDonald is an Army veteran who served with the 82nd Airborne Division. The Huffington Post website, which first reported on McDonald’s mistake, noted Monday that the 82nd is not considered part of special forces.

I’m calling B.S. on this one, big time. How do you “incorrectly state” you were in the special forces? You don’t. You lie. You lie the same way your boss, Obama, does in just about everything he says. You lie because there is no downside to your lying. You get to keep your cushy job. A day or two passes and the storm blows over; it’s just another one of those, “they all do it” stories. You get away with it.

This is how a republic dies. And the rot starts from the top.

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