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The Government Issues Yet Another Set of Dietary 'Guidelines'

Yesterday, a government advisory panel released new dietary guidelines giving the green light to several previously “forbidden” foods and encouraging a diet high in vegetables and low in sugar.

Why anyone would trust the government on dietary matters is beyond me, as they just recently reversed their position on eggs after scaring the public about cholesterol. (By the way, saying when you eat foods with cholesterol, the cholesterol goes directly to your arteries, is like saying if you eat broccoli, your arteries will be clogged with broccoli. What we ingest is broken down into other elements. )  And they’ve modified their recommendations on coffee as well. “But the panel would reverse previous guidance on limiting dietary cholesterol. And it says the caffeine in a few cups of coffee could actually be good for you.”

Egg Recall Cooking at Home

The food police are also walking back claims about sodium but still says sugar consumption ought to be limited. “The committee, which is made up of doctors and nutritionists, also is backing off stricter limits on salt, though it says Americans still get much too much. It’s recommending the first real limits on added sugar, saying that’s especially a problem for young people.”

Here’s a news flash for these scientists. If you remove fat from food, and the government has scared people to death about eating fat, you are left with protein or carbs. Protein is expensive but you know what’s a cheap carb that makes food taste good? SUGAR, or more accurately government subsidized sugar and its mutant cousin high fructose corn syrup. So yes, people eat lots of sugar, it’s in almost all processed foods in one form or another.


The guidelines will affect all kinds of things like what advice your doctor gives you to subsidized school lunches.  Hooray.


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