Christie's Approval Rating in New Jersey Tanks

That Jerry Jones hug has been ruining him.

A majority of New Jersey registered voters view Governor Chris Christie unfavorably, a poll showed on Friday, underscoring the headwinds the outspoken Republican could face in securing his party’s nomination for the 2016 presidential election.

The poll by Rutgers-Eagleton noted that “for the first time” a majority, 53 percent, were unfavorably inclined toward the governor, according to a statement.

It said 37 percent of registered voters in the state felt favorably toward the governor, down 7 percentage points in two months.


After Mitt’s exit, most of the catheterized octogenarian Republican establishment money was already probably starting to move Jebber’s way and this will certainly help. Christie is burdened by having to fight on two fronts. He wants to be the establishment’s guy but he also has to run on his governor’s résumé, which opens him up for head-to-head comparisons with Scott Walker. Both appear to be increasingly uphill battles and Christie could very well end up with Lindsey Graham levels of support for a presidential run.


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