Oops-White House Forgot To Tell Intelligence Committee About New Cyber Intelligence Center


Members of the House Intelligence Committee were not briefed on the plans the White House announced today for a new cyber integration center modeled on the National Counterterrorism Center, a source with knowledge of the discussions told POLITICO.

And they’re not happy about it.

The Cyber Threat Intelligence Integration Center, projected to have a staff of 50 when it is fully operational next year, is funded by a $35 million line item in the “black budget” request for intelligence funding.

Representatives from the Office of the Director for National Intelligence briefed committee members on the budget last week, the source said, but did not provide any details about the new line item.

“When they were specifically asked for details on their cyber plans, they said there was nothing else they could share at this time,” the source said, adding they were told more information would be made available in more detailed budget documents that have not yet been sent to the committee.

That was the last committee members heard of the issue before today’s announcement was trailed with an official leak to The Washington Post, the source said.


What a comfort it is to know that President Hope and Change has made things in Washington so toxic that the branches of government can’t communicate on matters of terrorism-related national security. This isn’t really surprising given that this president treats the Legislative branch with almost blatant contempt these days.

Here is hoping that his petulance doesn’t lead to something catastrophic happening, it’s already doing enough damage to the budget.


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