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'Bulletproof' Bra Saves Woman's Life

A Brazilian woman deflected a bullet thanks to her under wire bra, according to the Daily Mail. Ivete Medeiros was hit by a bullet when she exited a supermarket to check out some kind of commotion outside. (Probably not the greatest idea.)


Surveillance video shows her being assisted as her husband calls for help. She was relieved not to see any blood — but then felt “a little burning sensation” and found the round stuck in her bra.

Medeiros showed reporters where the bullet was stopped by the under wire.

This isn’t the first time a bra has stopped a bullet. “In 2009, the underwire of a Detroit woman’s bra deflected a bullet fired during a break-in at a neighbor’s home, the Associated Press reported.”

No word on what brand of bra Medeiros was wearing.

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