Teen Takes Selfie with Corpse

Can the bar get any lower for humanity where “selfless” are concerned?

Ray Mangan, a 16 year old,  was found with a fatal gunshot wound in his home on February 4.  His funeral was held yesterday.


Maxwell Morton, also 16 yearsold, was arrested and charged with criminal homicide.

Police say they identified Morton through a selfie he took. They say the picture shows Morton next to Mangan’s body, which authorities found in the same position and condition.

According to the Associated Press, Morton “sent a cellphone selfie that also showed another teen he had just fatally shot in the face, sitting in a chair, investigators said in court papers charging the teen.”

How did the police find out about the selfie?

Investigators zeroed in on Morton after the mother of a third boy called police a day after the shooting to report that Morton had sent her son the picture with Mangan’s lifeless body in the background.

The photo “depicted the victim sitting in the chair with a gunshot wound to the face,” which, police said, is how Mangan’s mother found her son when she returned home at about 6 p.m. that day. The Snapchat photo had the name Maxwell at the top, and Morton also sent the same boy text messages saying, “Told you I cleaned up the shells” and “Ryan was not the last one,” according to the criminal complaint.

This is what happens when one’s narcissism trumps one’s psychopathy.

Morton was charged with first-degree murder.


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